Alumni Services

  • Admission to the IVE LRCs

    Holders of a Borrower's Ticket (Graduate) or VTC Affinity Credit have access to the library services of all IVE LRCs, but the level of which is determined by individual Centres. All alumni should check with the Centres concerned for more information. In addition, only holders of Borrower's Ticket (Graduate) can borrow library materials from the Centres.

  • Borrower's Ticket (Graduate)

    VTC graduates who have completed a course of one-year or longer may apply for a Borrower's Ticket (Graduate). The graduates of PD/PC programs are also eligible to apply within 5 years from the date of their graduation. All applicants will need to pay an annual non-refundable fee of HK$300.

    The applicants should download an application from here or visit one of the IVE/THEi/YC Centres to collect the application form and submit the applications. Please refer to the Application Procedures for more information.

  • Borrowing Privilege

    • Up to 5 circulating books and audio-cassettes with a loan period of 4 weeks each and one renewal only. Please refer to the Borrowing Regulations for more information.
    • Due to software license restrictions, the ticket holders are NOT allowed to have access to in-house and commercial electronic databases subscribed by the VTC.