Library Services & Facilities

Borrowing Library Materials

The VTC Library provides lending services to users who possess a valid Student/Staff Identity Card or Borrower's Ticket. Users may borrow library circulating materials by presenting their valid identity cards to staff at the Circulation Counter. For loan quotas, please refer to the Library Regulations Section.

Returning Library Materials

Borrowers are responsible for returning their loans on or before the due date. Overdue notices will be sent to borrowers. Non-receipt of overdue or pre-overdue notices in any format will NOT be accepted as an excuse for waiving overdue fines. For overdue fines, please refer to the Library Regulations Section.

  • Self-Check Unit

    Some LRCs have installed a Self-Check unit for users to borrow library books by themselves. Users should receive a note of loan details including titles and due dates immediately after all loan transactions are completed.

  • Library book drop

    Users may return their books to a book drop. Overdue books, books accompanied with AV materials and all non-print materials (e.g. CDs, DVDs, portable computers, etc.) are not allowed to be put into the book drop. The Borrowers will be responsible for any damages as a consequence of this action. Book drops are located at the entrances of most LRCs and are open for a fixed period of time depending on needs and individual LRC’s policy.

  • Self-renewal on Library Materials

    Library materials may renewed via the Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC). An item can be renewed provided that the following conditions are met:
    - The item is not overdue;
    - The item has not been reserved;
    - The maximum number of renewal for the item has not been exceeded;
    - All library fines must be settled.

  • Reciprocal Borrowing Among IVE and Other Libraries

    • Walk-In Loan Service

      Staff and students may borrow circulating materials from any one of the VTC campus libraries by presenting their valid Student/Staff Identity Cards or Borrower’s Tickets.

    • Inter-Campus Loan (ICL) Service

      All circulating materials of the VTC Library are available on request via the Inter-Campus Loan (ICL) service. Users may reserve them via the VTC Library Online Catalogue, and collect the materials from the selected pickup location. All items can be returned to any VTC LRC. Back issues of periodical is not applicable to ICL service.

    • Inter-Library Loan (ILL) Service

      Inter-Library Loan service is available to staff and eligible students in some LRCs. Through this service, books may be borrowed from major university libraries in Hong Kong. In addition, photocopies of journal articles may also be obtained locally and overseas. This document delivery service is provided subject to fund availability. Access to library catalogues of local universities is available on the VTC Library Homepage. Also, the arrangement of Inter-library loan (ILL) lending to local Academic Libraries is available for information.

    Library Orientation

    LRC orientation programs are organized for new students and staff at the beginning of each academic year. They are aimed at providing users with library skills and information to use library materials effectively and independently.

    Reference Service

    • Information Enquiry

      LRC staff is available at the Information Desk or the Circulation Counter to assist users in retrieving library information and in using library resources effectively and efficiently.

    • User Guides

      The VTC Library has prepared VTC online catalogue, subject guide and remote access guide for users to use library resources more effectively and efficiently. VTC library catalogue guide introduces users how to search library resources, review loan records or hold item(s) online, etc. The subject guides introduce major subjects that are offered by VTC. Remote access guide provides tips on access of the VTC library electronic resources remotely. They are available in the LRCs and can be downloaded from the VTC Library Homepage.

    Library Book Recommendation

    In order to develop a useful collection of library materials for teaching and learning purposes in IVE, teaching staff are encouraged to submit recommendations for new library books, audiovisual materials and periodicals, preferably before the commencement of summer vacation, by using Library Book Recommendation Forms. The forms may be obtained from the Circulation Counters or downloaded from the library online document center of IVE Libraries Homepage.

    Students are welcome to suggest any useful titles to their teaching staff or library staff for purchase.

    New Book Display

    New books on major study disciplines will be displayed in the New Book Display Area for a period of time before they are returned to the shelves for loan. Users are encouraged to preview the newest library books available.

    Computer Workstations and Electronic Library Access

    • PC Workstations

      Personal computers with printers are provided inside the LRCs for users to obtain up-to-date learning information for teaching and studying.

    • Remote Access

      Current VTC students and staff may get access to the VTC Library subscribed electronic resources outside Campuses through EZProxy or VPN. Users will automatically be asked to log in to the VTC EZProxy Server by using their VTC email usernames and passwords as authentication. Information on how to install VPN , please visit VPN website.

    • Notebook Computers

      Wireless LAN was setup in IVE campuses to enhance the coverage of network access. It supports users to access Internet/Intranet and web-based teaching/learning services, throughout the Campus. To better utilize the service, IVE LRCs provide notebook computers for students and staff to borrow within the Library or Campus. For further information, please contact your campus LRC.

    Non-Print Equipment

    Some LRCs also provide equipment for library users to view different formats of multi-media materials.

    Group Discussion Room / Independent Self-Learning Cell

    Some LRCs provide a booking service of a small room for self-study or group learning and discussion.

    Photocopying & Printing Service

    Octopus cards can be used at photocopiers or to print from all networked computers in the LRCs. All photocopying and printing must comply with the Hong Kong copyright law. They should pay attention to notices on copying copyrighted materials posted near photocopying and printing machines in the LRCs. For more information on Intellectual Property and using or photocopying of copyright works, please refer to your current Student Handbooks.

    Charges for photocopying and printing:
    $0.30 per A4 size black & white copy
    $0.60 per A3 size black & white copy
    $2.00 per A4 size colour copy
    $4.00 per A3 size colour copy

    Colour Oversized printing
    $40 per A2 size
    $70 per A1 size
    $110 per A0 size

    3D printing:
    Base charge: $20 per job
    Material charge: $1 per gram

    UV Printing (materials provided by Makerspace):
    Acrylic board - $40 per job, size 300mm x 400mm
    Wooden board - $30 per job, size 300mm x 400mm

    Laser Cutting (materials provided by Makerspace):
    Acrylic board - $40 per job, size 300mm x 400mm
    Wooden board - $30 per job, size 300mm x 400mm
    Cardboard - $9 per job, size 300mm x 400mm

    The above charges are calculated in Hong Kong Dollars and the charges may be different in each campus library. For details, please check with the individual campus library.

    Access Management System

    The LRCs have installed an Access Management System at the entrance. Users must present their valid student/staff card for scanning before being allowed to enter the LRCs. Any attempt to use other user’s card is strongly prohibited and will result in disciplinary actions.