Remote Access Guide

Access through EZProxy

Current VTC students and staff may get access to the Library subscribed web-based e-resources through EZProxy. You will automatically be asked to log in to the IVE EZProxy Server using your VTC or IVE's email username and password. Once you have logged in you won't have to authenticate again until you close your browser.

You are no longer required to reconfigure your browser for off-campus access to Library resources.

Access through VPN

All VTC staff and students with a valid vtc email account may now access the following library electronic services in Intranets outside campuses via the Virtual Private Network (VPN) System.

For detailed information on VPN software and downloading, please visit the information page provided by Computer Division / VTC at Please consult your local computer centre on all questions related to VPN.

Access through User ID & Password

Some of the electronic databases can also be accessed by using a userID and password.

An update list of login information Login Information for access VTC e-database is available to all VTC staff and students. With these username and password settings, you may access our electronic services at home through any third party ISP.