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Academic Search Ultimate   by EBSCOhost
Provides more than 8,000 active, peer-reviewed, full-text journals. The combination of academic journals, magazines, periodicals, reports, books and videos supports studies in every discipline ranging from biology, chemistry, engineering, health, pharmacology, physics, psychology, zoology and more.

Digital Video Database (IVE)   by IVE Libraries
The Audio Visual collection digitized by IVE Libraries.

One of the world largest content providers, which covers databases such as Academic Search Premier, Business Source Premier, Medline, Hospitality & Tourism Complete and etc.

Gale In Context: Environmental Studies   by Gale
Focuses on the physical and social aspects of environmental issues. Topic, organization, state and province portals form research centers around issues covering earth systems, global change, land and water use, populations, legislation, and more. Portal overviews provide essential information, supplemented by academic journals, news, case studies, conferences, statistics, and rich multimedia.

Gale Interactive: Science   by Gale
Provides interactive science resources covering topics in biology, anatomy, chemistry, physics, and geology. High-quality digital content is paired with 3D models with zooming in, rotating, or pulling them apart.

Gale OneFile: Science   by Gale
Provides the latest scientific developments in particle physics, advanced mathematics, nanotechnology, geology and other subject areas.

IVE Course Syllabus Database   by IVE Libraries
Relevant IVE course syllabus from 1989 onwards is contained in the database, subject to the departmental voluntary contribution.

IVE Exam Paper Database   by IVE Libraries
This database includes IVE past examination papers from 1997/98 onwards.

LexisNexis Academic Universe   by LexisNexis
Offers full-text access to 6,000 news, business and legal publications.

ProQuest Central  
ProQuest Central covers all major subject areas, Business, Health and Medical, Language and Literature, Social Sciences, Education, Science and Technology, Performing and Visual Arts, History, Religion, Philosophy, and includes thousands of full-text newspapers from around the world.

ProQuest Research Library   by ProQuest
The database includes a wide range of academic subjects. It features a diversified mix of scholarly journals, trade publications, magazines, and newspapers.

Smithsonian Collections Online: Evolution of Flight, 1784–1991   by Gale
Provides the information of early flight, "story behind the story" of man's desire to fly, inventions, air races, the fighter pilot, the evolution of aerial weaponry, other flight-related developments and events critical to the history of science and technology

Wanfang Video 萬方視頻   by 萬方數據
Wanfang Video萬方視頻 以提供學術視頻為目的,內容以科技、教育、文化為主 ; 包括《開卷八分鐘》由著名學者梁文道先生主持,以8分鐘時間介紹一本書,讓觀眾用最簡易的方式碰觸到書籍的精髓,進入一個又一個迥異又奇妙的書中世界;《築夢天下》薈萃中外歷史建築,賞析現代經典設計。以傳統建築名品、建築熱點事件爲依托,用生動的人物故事、獨特的畫面視角、另類的解讀方式,傳達建築美學、人居環境、生活理念和人文關懷。《世紀大講堂》邀請多位海內外著名的專家、學者、教授等出席作嘉賓,以學術也一樣讓你聽得懂,有文化抱負,而形式活潑、雙向互動的節目,從社會、文化、金融、教育、政治、科技到國際關係、經濟理論等,發掘知識的樂趣; 《創新無限》以“推廣實用技術、展示創新歷程、啓發創新思維”爲宗旨,發掘兼具有可行性和推廣價值的新發明,解讀科學原理,講述創新過程,展示實際效果。《中藥及方劑學》介紹了重要的基本知識,重點講解各種類中藥及方劑。

WiseNews   by Wisers
WiseNews 提供先進的過濾功能和分類設計,收錄逾千個頂尖級的媒體來源的內容,包括全港主要中英文報章、大中華區內重點的報章和雜誌。慧科資料庫的香港新聞資料收錄年份由1998年至今。 Currently,WiseEnterprise , with VTC related news folders, can be accessed at VTC campuses or through VTC VPN. ** 暫時最佳瀏覽WiseNews效果之瀏覽器為 Google Chrome and Firefox。 At the moment, the site is best viewed in Google Chrome and Firefox. [WiseEnterprise via EZProxy (under construction)]

中國學位論文全文數據庫   by 萬方數據

中國數字化期刊數據庫   by 萬方數據