Electronic Database User Guide



Introduction AdmanGo provides advertising and advertisement monitoring service through an online platform. It enables clients to view, evaluate and respond to the constant stream of advertising activity on a daily basis.   Subject Coverage The database integrates local advertisements’ content (print, radio, TVC, outdoor & other ads), ad spend data and analysis, media purchasing pattern and HK ad market trend. It can provide advertising and marketing professionals with invaluable and timely marketing information. It allows users to search and download with 5 years archive data of the database. Users may export the reports and search results in Excel or PowerPoint format, or by email forwarding function. Designated users would receive customized email alerts at 9:30 a.m. everyday to meet each user’s monitoring needs.   System Requirements Internet Explorer (6.0 or higher) is recommended to read the Chinese characters. Windows Media Player is required to watch the online TVCs.   On-line Help For more information, please see the On-line Help at pull-down menu of the database :http://www.admango.com/monitoring3/index.asp

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